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The writing of Chrysalis

The subtitle of the novel says it all: a surgical sci-fi story about immortal potential. This is a medical and human drama about a man suffering from Becker Muscular Dystrophy (BMD). Deeply challenged by his disease, the main character, Jerry Fischer, longs to discover the source of health and of an extended, long life. As his body deterioriates, he undergoes a head transplant to acquire a healthy new one, eventually becoming a cyborg with a machine body attached to his head and brain. 

The novel takes the reader on a journey into the interior of the human body to fully understand how a head transplant would work and how the healing would take place after the surgery.

The motif of the chrysalis speaks about the metamorphosis of the human being attempting to cheat disease and, ultimately, death.

This gripping novel is set mainly in Cape Town and envisages in minute detail how the world’s first human head transplant could happen, changing the course of medical and social history.


Friedrich Nietzsche

Ecce Homo

“You pay dearly for being immortal: it means you die numerous times over the course of your life.”

George Foreman

Legendary world boxing champion

“I want to live until I’m 144 years old.”

Leonardo da Vinci


“The name of man differs in different countries, but his form is never changed but by death.”

Arthur C. Clarke

Pre-production logbook for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey

“Dreamed I was a robot, being rebuilt.”

Live forever or die trying…